Spring 2022 "Branding" Drop

Spring 2022 "Branding" Drop

Hey everyone! I'm so excited to finally have this product released and introduce you to some branding that will stick around with the brand for the remainder of its existence. I just wanted to hop on the blog and write some words about this release and the backstory behind it all! 

When looking back on the concept for this release, I wanted to do something that would have a lasting impact on the brand and transition into the new era. I want everyone to blank out the other stuff I have made and treat this as the first. I kept coming back to employee t-shirts and how they are all bold and mean so much to a brand or store’s identity. The overall concept is to keep remaking this shirt in different color combinations and making it somewhat a collector's piece.

For the other items, I just wanted to have as much fun as possible and be whimsical with the color combinations and the more minor things like the Bart sticker and Jarritos logo flip. This is something that will stick with the brand for the long haul. I want to stop being so serious and overthinking and just make shit that makes you feel happy when you see it.

The rug is an obvious tie to the brand's roots at the shore. When I was a kid, I was obsessed with Tillie because of how iconic it was in-shore culture. One of my earliest memories is driving in my dad’s car in Asbury right before they took Tillie out of the wall. Looking back on it now, I think it's super amazing that he brought me there with the sole purpose to see that, knowing that it was my last and only chance to see it. He probably doesn't know I remember, but some things stick with you.

Big thank you to Konnor Durante, who shot every photo for this drop. We talked about this shoot for a long time, and working with him felt so natural when we got to it. Thanks to Nick Castagna for being so courteous to give us his time and modeling the collection for us. 

Last but certainly not least, the biggest thank you goes to my favorite person on this earth James Paris who designed many of the components in this drop. I look forward to working with James for a long time and having him execute many of my crazy ideas that pop into my head at random hours of the day.

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