Allow me to reintroduce myself...

Allow me to reintroduce myself...

As I get ready to do a complete reset of Cold Beer and Soda, I wanted to jump on here and kick off the new CB&S blog. Im unsure of the length or the frequency of the blog posts, but I have some ideas to keep everyone engaged here. With that being said, I wanted to talk about the brand's relaunch. Many may or may not know that CB&S was started as a college class project while I was living in Philadelphia. With the brand beginning in that way, I felt I needed to adapt to my surroundings and make a brand for a city whose culture I honestly knew nothing about. The whole idea was to use inspiration from that place and make my twist while incorporating elements of home. Unfortunately, this thinking grew old and hard to keep up with creatively, so I paused and thought for a solid year and a half about if I should stop altogether or figure out how to relaunch... and I think you can guess where I landed. 

In my time of reflection, I realized that for years, kids who grew up in the greater Jersey Shore area have had outsiders come in and tell our story from a light that isn't who we are or what we represent. Instead, with so much actual culture here being skipped over by the "storytellers," we are mostly known for a TV show of people who aren't from here and make us all look dumb. So with the thinking around the brand evolving, the vision and goal is to take our story back and build a community here and storytell with that community about who we are and what we genuinely represent through this outlet. Culturally we have something exceptional in this place and a young enough core demographic to tell our story the right way. 


- CB

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